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Transport Frangež d.o.o. provides holistic and comprehensive solutions in the field of logistic services. Our company organizes and carries out national and international transport services. With a long tradition and a professional team we provide complete services for managing, implementing and executing logistic and storage needs for our customers.


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Transport Frangež d.o.o.

Zg. Jablane 11

SLO -2326 Cirkovce


Tel: +386 (0)2 795 35 02

Fax: +386 (0)2 795 35 05

E-mail: info@transport-frangez.com

Web page: www.transport-frangez.com


Tax number: SI59812222

Company ID: 2194643000


Bank accounts

Nova KBM d.d. Maribor


IBAN: SI56 0420 2000 1240 761

Company Vision


Our vision is clear. Due to decades of experience and an ever expanding know-how we are planning a very ambitious future on roads world-wide. We follow the new global guidelines in the field of transport, devoting particular attention to the environment. Our development is moving toward environmentally-friendly vehicle standards. Our drivers get to work with the newest technology in the field of transport after receiving the needed skill-set to assure a 100% reliable performance. We also plan to continue to intensify the quality of logistics.


Development of the Company

  • 1991 Establishment of the road transport company Avtoprevozništvo Srečko Frangez s.p.
  • 1993 Purchase of the first vehicle for international bulk transportation
  • 1995 Completion of storage spaces
  • 2001 First time on the World Wide Web
  • 2004 Arrangement of a new disposable office
  • 2005 Purchase of the first refrigerator vehicles
  • 2006 The creation of a new company Transport Frangež d.o.o.
  • 2007 Installation of an additional warehouse and a new parking lot
  • 2008 Acquired new business premises
  • 2009 Carwash and mechanical workshop for company use
  • 2010 Purchase of new environmentally friendly vehicles and trailers
  • 2011 Increase in transport services with refrigerated trucks in Western Europe
  • 2012 Introduction of additional security and new network solutions in offices and the purchase of a new disponential program
  • 2012 Purchase of the first refrigerated trailer with complete autonomous GPS / GPRS control of the trailer (position, temperature, door, weight etc.)
  • 2013 The magic limit of 50 vehicles in both companies
  • 2014 First major purchase of the newest vehicles with EURO 6 engines
  • 2015 Acquisition of the certificate »IFS Logistics»
  • 2016 Certification "ISO 9001/2015"
  • 2016 Celebration of a decade of Transport Frangež d.o.o.
  • 2017 Establishment of digital archiving and E-invoices
  • 2017 Renewal of the "IFS Logistics" certificate – obtained at "HIGH LEVEL"
  • 2017 Division of enterprises by type of transport (d.o.o. - FRIGO and s.P. JUMBO)
  • 2017 Celebration of 25 Years of the company Avtoprevozništvo Srečko Frangež s.p.
  • 2018 The company has a total of 80 vehicles (60x FRIGO and 20x JUMBO)

Transport and Services

Transport of temperature sensitive substances


If you have food cargo or want to transport temperature sensitive substances you came to the right address. We carry out all transports below the temperature regime from -27 ° C up to + 30 ° C (doppelstock) and we are well-known for our Thermo + ADR service (transport of hazardous substances under controlled temperature).



"Pharma" transport


With our newest trailers, which have a "Pharma Certification", we perform all Pharma transports based on HACCP and GDP standards. All trailers also have independent tracking of a complete trailer (Doors, fuel, weight, temperature, tire pressure). With this and with extra educated drivers we guarantee the highest level of services when transporting medicines. Temperature monitoring is also enabled through applications on mobile phones, whose dispatching service is regularly informed about the temperature and condition of the shipment.


Volume transport


With our volume trucks  we offer transports up to 120m3. We perform all such volume transports with ADR equipment with tandem 6.5 + 9 m (15.4 LDM - 38 pallet positions) and internal height up to 3 m. Our daily truck route is D-70 Stuttgart and D-85 Ingolstadt.


ADR - harzardous substances


We offer you transport services for goods that require special care and caution and belong to one of the groups according to the ADR classification. Transport is done with refrigerators (Thermo + ADR) or tarpaulins.


Double deck


Also, in this combination with our transports below the temperature regime, we offer additional double deck loading (Doppelstock). The feature is especially interesting when loading any kinds of chocolate products or as a good additional way to protecting your cargo.




In our logistics service, we also offer the storage of goods. We have two technologically perfected storage spaces in the dimensions of 750m2 and 900 m2. We offer 24 hour assistance for storage, unloading, handling, and delivery of cargo.


Truck wash


We use our own modern car wash to keep all the vehicles clear and orderly.



Our quality certificates




Transport Frangež d.o.o.


Transport Frangez d.o.o.

Zg. Jablane 11

SLO -2326 Cirkovce


 +386 (0)2 795 35 00

 +386 (0)2 795 35 04




Srečko Frangež
Tel:  +386 2 795 35 07
Fax: +386 2 795 35 04
email: srecko.frangez@transport-frangez.com


Head of Logistics

dipl. ing. Toni Frangež
Tel:  +386 2 795 35 08
Fax: +386 2 795 35 05
email: toni.frangez@transport-frangez.com



Sonja Frangež
Tel:  +386 2 795 35 00
Fax: +386 2 795 35 01
email: sonja.frangez@transport-frangez.com




Dispo International:


Dušan Strmčnik
Tel:  +386 2 795 35 02
Fax: +386 2 795 35 05
email: dusan.strmcnik@transport-frangez.com

Mojca Frangež
Tel:  +386 2 795 35 03
Fax: +386 2 795 35 05
email: mojca.frangez@transport-frangez.com

Grega Teskač
Tel:  +386 2 795 35 12
Fax: +386 2 795 35 05
email: grega.teskac@transport-frangez.com

Matjaž Novak
Tel:  +386 2 795 35 13
Fax: +386 2 795 35 05
email: matjaz.novak@transport-frangez.com


Dispo National:

Stanko Dobnik
Tel:  +386 2 795 35 10
Fax: +386 2 795 35 04
email: stanko.dobnik@transport-frangez.com



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